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No.item No : HSWC-011
Granite Counter tops

About this Product:
Product: Granite Counter tops
Instruction: Measurements: 26"/36"x96"/108"
Thickness: 2cm/3cm
The picture materials:Bule Pearl                                                                
Various colors are provided, such as from China, as well as from Brazil, India, Norway, Finland
The finishes are provided:
Double Bullnose
Eased (straight polish)
Half rounded
 Remark: The maximum colors can not be more than 4 colors in one container.                         Note:
**Due to the nature of natural stone, you can expect variations in color and size,Home StoneWerke is a MANUFACTURER,So it would be a good idea to cut back on your COSTING.Send us your details and designs. Our artisans will quickly send back a proof for your approval.

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