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1. Technical Support
Based on detailed and timely communication our sales people will explore the technical details of your project, answer your questions, record your requirements and address your questions. Our technical support staff will study your drawings and make recommendations as needed to match your project budget and make your installation as easy as possible.

2. Auto CAD Service
If you are in the initial stage of your project or need additional CAD drawings we can provide CAD designs based on communication with you to complete your design.
3. Cost Estimation
After we confirm all drawings, materials and other technical details, we will make a detailed price quote.  Depending on your budget we can recommend different options to adjust the project cost.

4. Models for Production
After we sign the contract we will make refined production drawings. For unique or complex profiles we will make a precise pre-production model according to the drawings. This will help avoid any rework on the production products.

5. Quality Assurance
Throughout the production process from material selection to fabrication to packaging our quality assurance people will strictly control every step of the process according to the technical requirements.

6. Installation Instruction
For special products we will provide installation instructions so that you have no confusion when you install them.

7. Shipping and Insurance
We can arrange multi-modal transportation such as Container Yard to Container Yard, Door to Door, Custom Clear, Local Delivery, etc. as needed.

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