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Process A New Countertop

These articles will give you some great ideas and will help to make the process of getting a new countertop easy.

Step 1: Visit our website. Pick out your color.
Look over our website display and see what you like. Then look at stone color to get an idea of color and pattern.. There are hundreds of stone, granite and marble choices and we can usually send samples to your home. So pick out all the chips whose colors and patterns are close to what you have in mind. A dozen or so is a good number to start with.
Think about extras. Did you know there are a variety of edge treatments available? And don¡¯t forget about the backsplash, which can be the same material as the countertop, or something else like ceramic tile. Look around the website Edge Treatments where we have different edge treatments.

Step 2: Narrow down your options.
Tape a sample chip at eye level on a wall cabinet. This will give you a good idea of how the new countertop will look and contrast with the existing cabinets. Use those samples also to see how the colors work with your flooring and painted walls. And make sure you look at them during the day and then at night under the lighting in your kitchen. Colors have a way of changing under different lighting conditions.
If your new countertop is part of a larger kitchen remodel, make sure you have samples of the new cabinets and flooring or paint you¡¯re considering. Whether it¡¯s a whole new kitchen or just the countertop, take your time here. You¡¯re going to be living with it for many years, so it¡¯s important to get it right.

Step 3: Order your countertops.
Now is the time to get the installer in to take an accurate measurement for your countertops. Some installers call this process ¡°templating¡±. In addition to linear measurements, the installer will also suggest the best place to locate any seams between pieces of the countertop.
Once you¡¯ve ordered your countertops and the templating is complete, your installer should be able to schedule an installation date. Expect it to take about 3 weeks before your countertops are ready to be installed. This time frame will be about the same whether yourself fabrication and installation or you hire a contractor to do it.
If your kitchen project involves getting new cabinets, those cabinets have to be installed before final measurements are made for the new countertop. There¡¯s no way around this, if you want everything to fit perfectly. So if this is what you¡¯re doing, figure three weeks from the time the cabinets go in until the countertop is installed.

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